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We work hard to make sure that you have a positive experience on dirtcar.com. But if you don’t find the information you need online, or you would like more information on anything you’ve read about, feel free to contact any one of our departments with your questions, comments or concerns. We’re here to help!

World Racing Group
Corporate Headquarters
7575-D West Winds Blvd.
Concord, NC 28027
Toll Free: 1-704-795-RACE (7223)

DIRTcar Racing – Midwest
P.O. Box 411
Grayville, IL 62844
Phone: 618-450-2072
Fax:  618-450-2079

DIRTcar Racing – Northeast
1 Speedway Drive
Weedsport, NY 13166
Phone: 315-834-6606


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  2. Is there someplace on this site that explains how this new elimination thing works ? I find it very confusing and not sure how this thing works at all. Thank You

  3. I am referring to the Elimination rule for Dirt Sportsman and Modified. I would like to know where I can find the rules and explanations on how this works for Dirt sanctioned tracks. Thank You

  4. Wondering if there is a possibility of acquiring Dirtcar media guides ?

  5. Hi I was wondering how many active participants are registered with this boddy?

  6. Why can't nova or camaro frame be used ?

  7. Why cant they be used for a ump modified is what i was wanting to know.

  8. Looking for A mod engine rules. Is a Usmts spec motor legal in ump?

  9. how do i get the body rules for 358 mods

  10. Any Ideal when the Stock Car Rules for 2016 are going to come out? Hopefully you change the rules so you can run racing transmissions and MSD ignition!

  11. Hello, I need to contact Sam with UMP Modified , does he have a direct email address?

  12. Hey guys on a modified what is the rear roof post vertical of 3"…..The drawing shows a spoiler support of 5" on drawing or made into sail panel,i realize no spoiler.

  13. Do we have to request to receive your bulletins every year ? We have not received any new bulletins since June 15, 2015. We have renewed our 2016 membership but no info on anything. What do we have to do in order to receive these by email like we use to get ? Thank You

  14. I see a lot of questions but no replies……??????

  15. my comments our about what you did to the 5 drives after the dream 100 I dont know if that was done or not I was not there rules our rules But I think the reason for all the focus on scott bloomquist is what he did at the world 100 in 2014 after you the ump put him in last and he came up and won the race and the the scales at the 2015 dream I'm not saying scott did this and I'm not saying he did I dont know but my question is WHY WOULD HE? hes the best dam dirt racer out there I QUEST I'M ASKING WHY WOULD THESE GUYS DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT KNOWING THE UMP CAN AND WILL TEST TIRES AND OTHERS THINGS ON THERE CARS ?

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