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World Racing Group
Corporate Headquarters
7575-D West Winds Blvd.
Concord, NC 28027
Toll Free: 1-704-795-RACE (7223)

U.M.P. DIRTcar Series
P.O. Box 411
Grayville, IL 62844
Phone: (618) 450-2072
Fax:  (618) 450-2079

DIRTcar Racing
NorthEast Region
Joe Skotnicki, Director Series & Sanctioning
1 Speedway Drive
Weedsport, NY 13166
Phone: 315-834-6606


  1. http://www.stlracing.com/community/index.php?threads/kevin-gundaker.214495/

    From a fan of racing

    You know you get a guy thrown out of U.M.P for something that was thrown in his lap for simple racing hard and holding his line in one of the biggest paying races of the yr…Your conduct the previous weeks leading up to this event also plays a big part in the event's that unfolded on the 22nd! You ram Rickey with the golf cart and try to pull him out of the car accusing him of speeding through pits the previous week and then charge at him on a night he is Slammed under red flag conditions and has people wanting to hurt him badly! Feeling threatened by whats going on already on the track and seeing you charging at him after you done put your hands on him previously he defends himself! What gives you the right to put your hands on anyone at the track! This is something ive seen several times over the yrs! How many times you ran down to Craig Smith pits and tried to pull him out his car for flying through the pits? I mean shit look at his record over the yrs and the shit he has done…tell us fan's way nothing was ever done with him? He put his hands on a official several times and he is welcomed back with open arm's! Something is clearly wrong with this picture! Rickey has been a clean racer and always had time to talk to the lil ones…he brings good racing to the hornet class! I can't remember any track in the area or any other competitors having any issues with his team! Guy gets attacked on the track and off and you wanna throw him to the wolves cause in all truth I think you have more issues wth them then wht happened! I watched you as a kid and always hoped when I got to the track that #11 Gundaker realtor car was there…you was just as fierce as a competitor as any! If this woulda happened to you I know in your younger days you would been fighting the same way! You've went from a kid's favorite driver to the best promoter in the area and you deserve a big slap on the back for wht you've done with Tri city but this deal right here is just wrong! You have alot of influence wth U.M.P and im sure something could be done with a less harsh penalty!

  2. http://www.stlracing.com/community/index.php?threads/kevin-gundaker.214495/
    1st; Callahan got out of his car and assaulted Rickey 1st while he was in his car, where were the officials????
    2nd; By the way, new track rules claim NO ONE is supposed to get out of the CARS!
    3rd; Callahan was allowed to get back into the car and come around during a RED FLAG and slam into the 35R, no officials around to stop this…….
    4th; Rickey did not turn around to hit anyone, Gundaker who was across the track ran up to him and got into his face again…..
    5th; Prior weeks Gundaker has slammed his Golf Cart into our car in the pits because he was speeding in the pits, and Gundaker tried to drag Rickey out of the car, and throwing him into the side of the car….
    6th; so fearing being assaulted again he defended himself this time….
    7th; only one being punished I see is Rickey, the promoter isn't suspended, Callahan doesnt run UMP on saturdays and is still racing…….

  3. Because it's for a 358 race and OCFS really does not have a 358 class

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